Building and Property Management

Dealing with Architects or Developers.
  • Arranging a Mortgage.
  • Monthly report informing of the progress on the Building Work.
  • Periodical Photos.
  • Building Licences and Certificates issued by Architects and Town Hall.
  • Materials Report.
Building Work Management.

You will be able, through this new service offered exclusively by our Firm, monitor the work carried out by Architects, Developers, and Workers on your plot of land without being on site.

Check permits, Certificates or any other Legal matter involved in the Building process. Arranging self-development loan. Forward schedule of job-site meetings with Architect and Developer. Visits to construction site forwarding photos periodically. Payments to Developer on receiving Architects Certificates of termination of each phase (according to the Building schedule). Collect Certificate of termination of the Building, Licence of first occupation and bulletins. Arranging Building work completion before the Notary. Payment of taxes and fees. Arranging the Registration of the Deed at the Land Registry Office and set up the utilities.